Mr Nitish Nautiyal

General Manager

Mr Nitish Nautiyal,

Holding a bachelor’s degree in financial management living in Canada and Singapore Mr. Nitish Nautiyal has a global outlook towards the Indian Fitness ecosystem .He went on to combine his knowledge in business studies and his passion for fitness into successfully implementation of setting up Iron Core and subsequent success strategies of the renowned Iron Core Fit Gym, leading it to being awarded the Times of India Health & Wellness Award in 2016 under his leadership.
An avid Fitness enthusiast, Mr Nautiyal cites the whopping 120 Kg to 70 Kg transformation he underwent as the feat he holds closest to his heart as a major inspiration to pursue his passion for Fitness and setting up of the gym along with Mr.Prateek Yadav . His personal experience has led him to devote personal effort with all of his clients at Iron Core FIt, leading to it achieving the heights of success it traverses today.Mr Nautiyal further translated the immense experience and know-how obtained from these ventures into launching a premium Activewear & Athleisure brand meant to uplift Indian Athletes – Iron Hyde Apparel – where he is also Co-founder and Managing Director. He also believes that his experiences as a client in various Gyms around Singapore & Canada has given him a better perspective of the fitness industry, which once combined with his Indian sensibilities, gave rise to the brand Iron Hyde Apparel is shaping up to be.