Prateek Yadav

CEO and Founder

Mr. Prateek Yadav,

An Entrepreneur in the field of Real Estate but having immense passion in Bodybuilding, power-lifting and Nutrition.

Mr. Prateek Yadav has more than 14 years of experience as Fitness Enthusiast. He has made a mark in Fitness Industry Internationally as in 2012. He was featured on as the “International Transformation of the Month”, being the first Indian to gain this Tittle.
Prateek is a Vegetarian, Natural (steriod-free) Bodybuilder and is proud to demolish the myth that only steroid users can have an Aesthetic and Strong Physique. Prateek’s mission is to promote Strength and Vitality in each of his client and get them in the best shape of their Life.

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