Rahul Kumar Rai

As a coach and fitness trainer, I have experience of 6+ years of professional fitness consultation and my core fields of expertise are Powerlifting & Excercise.

My fitness and sector certifications are into (PT) K11 certified fitness trainer, New Delhi, Kettelbell Trainer level-1 ,(Ballistic Kettelbell fitness Academy), New Delhi, Exercise Designing (GGU) , Rohini , New Delhi & (Foam Rolling)Self Myofascial Release ,(BFI) , New Delhi.

My achievement in the field of sports includes Indian Open Bench press championship(participated) by AEGIS of World Power Lifting Union [ 5 march 2017], Bronze Medalist in Kabaddi at State Level, Bronze Medalist in Fencing at State Level, 27 men 23 women Senior National Atya-Patya Championship (participated) affiliated to International Atya-Patya Federation.