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Post – Workout “carb” dispute

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When an individual is working out at a high intensity of weight training and the goal is FAT LOSS, do we give him/her carbs immediately after workout or we can take an opportunity to allow the fat mobilized due to exercise to continue to give more fat loss by depriving carbs immediately after workout?   […]

Do we even require variations in a workout ?

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In day today  exercise mostly pertaining to lifting weights , people very often tend to get bored by the type of exercises they do in the gym and very frequently call for a change in their schedule. In this article , I would be discussing on an objectionable topic as understood by many which usually […]


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This article has been suggested and scripted with the help of our Physiotherapist Dr. Mukesh Yadav. Tennis elbow is a disorder which would be found on lateral side of elbow joint due to parcial tearing of extensers muscles its create pain during extension. There is a very simple rule relating to any pain occuring in […]

What actually do we Coaches mean by “CARDIO”

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For anyone even remotely concerned with their personal fitness, terms like “low intensity cardio” and “high intensity cardio” sound awfully familiar. However, even the most avid fitness junkies don’t often know that both these variant of their quintessential cardio routine vary in the impact they have their on the body and which one of these […]

Bodybuilding Plateau – A Myth or Truth to Accept

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One of the very common questions that most of the upcoming bodybuilding enthusiasts have is that they would only grow up-to a certain limit and after that no matter how much hard they strive in their workout and how good the nutrition be but it would not result in any significant gains. This generally is […]