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Basics of Supplementation

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I know many fitness enthusiasts must be taking supplements on daily basis for different health and fitness needs.. But how many actually know their role in our body????? Do you all know the roles of supplement you are putting into your body on everyday basis..??? In this discussion i will be talking about a few most […]

Pre Workout Supplementation – Explained

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This  post on the pre-workout supplementation is basically discussed so as to pin-point the exact requisite ingredients , their dosing and the timings involved in ingesting the same. Please be assured that the supplement plan which I am going to share will relate to anyone who desires to get better results out of their workouts […]

Pre Workout Nutrition and Supplementation

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Whenever we prepare ourselves for any day’s workout , we essentially want that our workout should be the best possible one and moreover should result in maximum progress for our designed goals. For this reason one should first of all be totally prepared and fully recuperated . For reaching this goal there are various nutritional […]