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Another successful client’s story

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I had never been a fitness enthusiast,until one fine day when I went to my doctor for various problems that I was encountering of having severe pain in my knees because of an old accident. My problems did not end here until my doctor told me that I was a thyroid patient which resulted me […]

Another spectacular transformation

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Member’s Name –  Anshu Mishra Coach’s Name – Aditya Pratap Singh I would like to emphasize on the points and attributes that were basically responsible for my Obese Look. They were:- 1. I have been a great food lover and go out to any extent for eating food which was regarded to be delicious, 2. […]

Transformation which may amaze many of the fitness aspiring candidates

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Member Name- Sunny Naqi Coach’s Name – Abhay Sharma I was never somebody who cared dramatically about my shape, but realizing that 10 years had passed where I was to all intents and purposes ‘overweight’, I decided to do something about it. I joined Iron Core Fit 11 weeks ago (March 31st, 2015) with the […]

Today I Became a Member of the prestigious 1000 lbs Club

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Before coming into the Professional Fitness Industry, I always thought that having a decent physique was the ultimate goal of my life. Earlier i happened to be very skinny and looked weak. Slowly and gradually i progressed out and managed to break several roadblocks. Initially there was a lot of pressure from my parents when […]

My fitness believes and fitness motivation.

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Today in the professional fitness industry, I have many coaches and trainers which have an exceptional physique and also a very innovative approach to lead a fit lifestyle . Although I have been following the norms and believes of various people but my current idol is Ashley Conrad . Ashley is amongst the world’s top fitness coach […]