Another successful client’s story

Another successful client’s story

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I had never been a fitness enthusiast,until one fine day when I went to my doctor for various problems that I was encountering of having severe pain in my knees because of an old accident.

My problems did not end here until my doctor told me that I was a thyroid patient which resulted me in gaining excessive weight in just a few days.I was also an insomniac for almost 6 yrs.

Health was alarmingly deteriorating and my doctor sounded panic after which i decided and joined Iron-Core fit Gym.

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Its now been 6 months since i joined the gym and i feel More Energized , have lost a few kilos and remarkable inch loss. The best part of the exercise was that earlier i used to miss my sleep and now i feel refreshed and have started regularly sleeping .
I take this opportunity to thank the coaches Vipul, Upasana , Neha, Sanjeev , Abhay , Archana , Nikhil, Aditya who have guided me through these 6 months and helped me lead a healthy life.

Bottom-Line:- This is the best fitness center that I have come across.