Do we even require variations in a workout ?

Do we even require variations in a workout ?

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In day today  exercise mostly pertaining to lifting weights , people very often tend to get bored by the type of exercises they do in the gym and very frequently call for a change in their schedule.

In this article , I would be discussing on an objectionable topic as understood by many which usually relates to the fact that are variations necessary for our body’s continuous progress or not.

The term variation can be understood by many of us as an alternative that we can do instead of a basic thing. This variation can result in either of the two underlying situations:-

1.) The variation can result in making the exercise more easy meaning the same person can now lift a heavier poundage in that variation ,

say for eg. Standing Biceps Curl vs Lying Biceps Curl



2.) The variation can result in making the exercise more difficult meaning the same person can now lift a lighter poundage in that variation.

say for eg. Standing Biceps Curl vs Incline Biceps Curl



Now are these variations good in developing the body or just passing the time by the clock so as to think that we know many forms and variations of a particular body part.

Scientifically speaking, the different forms of variations that we do in a particular body part does not greatly impact the muscular growth rather it is basically a change of mood that boosts up our interest in doing workouts.

If we go on doing the same set of defined exercises for a very long period of time, that would result in a completely different result as with doing workouts with variations. The former would produce much more better results than the latter.

Many of the readers would now be very much surprised reading the text i have written and would arguably not go on to read more into the article. Now I would provide some basic reasoning that would form a concrete base to prove what have i told earlier.

We humans have brains. But lemme ask a simple question, “Do your muscles also posses a brain of themselves ?”

Almost the majority of the people would answer this as NO.

So, our muscles only understand what load it has to overcome. Our body itself adjusts this by getting into a posture in which it may lift the load in the easiest manner possible OR a manner in which it may lift the heaviest load.

This way is the best explained way to get stronger in the least amount of time. If we go on introducing a different posture to do the same exercise , it may happen that the mechanical leverage acting now might be either less or more than what was acting previously. This would result in lifting heavy or less poundage in that particular variation.
But still we do not understand the simple fact that muscles only know how to overcome load and nothing else. If we know the posture to do a bench press in which the body utilizes the maximum amount of muscles in that movement and also bio-mechanically is the easiest for the body to do would result in the best posture for executing the movement.

So why in the first place we have had variations for a workout?

The simple answer to this is that we people always get bored very easily by anything which we do frequently. Due to this reason we went out of our ways thinking and inventing various methodologies to do the same workout in a different way possible.

This explanation does not mean that one should not go for a variation of a workout but this means that doing a workout in a bio-mechanically suitable position would result in maximum gains as compared to doing variations.