Plyometric Training Benefits

Plyometric Training Benefits

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Want to increase your energy in exercise routine, your answer is “Plyometrics”. Plyometrics a.k.a. plyos, consist of strength and rapid movements. These routine enhances the co-ordination of your nervous system which increases your overall performance.

Plyos involves contracting and consecutively relaxing/stretching muscles rapidly, uses elastic property of our muscles and strength of between the tissues to run fast, jump high, and throw far. Hence for this reason plyos are especially beneficial for athletes. They increase the speed as well as the force of muscular contractions, resulting in increased explosive power .

Apart from track and field there are other sports as well which may be enhanced by the incorporation of Plyos for example:- racket sports, martial arts, soccer, rugby and basketball. As a matter of fact, almost every sport person can be benefited with this training.

Below mentioned are the benefits of plyometrics, like:

  • Increased Performance

Plyos involve various types of speed and agility training which definitely converts into increased performance. Even though the sport does not involve speed or agility but even then there other benefits offered by Plyos are much significant. Hence this can help any person in achieving almost all athletic goals.

  • Muscle Power

With plyos, the strength of your arm and leg muscles would be enhanced by a higher rate of force development, thereby guaranteeing a rise in muscular power and force.

  • Burning Calories

Consider this as a basic rule of thumb that the maintenance of a muscle tissue takes much greater amount of calories than a fat tissue. This means if someone practices plyos, this would result in more muscular volume which would ultimately result in bigger muscles.

Bigger the muscle, the more amount of calories are required for its maintenance. Hence by doing the plyos would result in burning or spending much more greater calories than for a person without this.

  • Endurance

If someone has an upcoming competition, plyos greatly assist in beefing up the stamina particularly for that concerned event. Plyos can also be catered to enhance existing power, endurance. Power being a crucial indicator of performance whose endurance results in performance at a increased intensity for long period of time.

Plyos also teaches to produce more effective muscular force in relation to endurance athletes; which results in greater force production with less expenditure of the athletes’ energy. Thus with more force generation athletes start with a greater advantage in there sport and with the less expenditure of energy, this leftover energy can be efficiently be utilized at the end of the game.Benefits of Plyometric Training

  • No Extreme Equipment

Many of the readers might be knowing the fact that exercising equipment are very costly . But Plyos you need not to buy any such equipment. Anyone could use the household things and perform these exercises at any place also.

  • For All Needs

Plyos can be customized according to a person’s needs. You can prefer to hop on a  trampoline or a jump rope. You can also try and get two separate platforms and hop to and fro. The right plyos training should be designed as per the needs and your fitness level.